Top mount super tweeter

The tweeter is dB and can be used from 5,Hz to 35,Hz. The tweeter features an Alnico magnet. The deepness of this tweeter horn provides a brighter more detailed sound than the shallow throat horns.

We recommend using a capacitor as a crossover in the plus line to the tweeter, something from 0. The smaller the capacitor value the higher it will crossover and the quieter the tweeter becomes. If the tweeter is still too bright after trying different capacitors, you can add a 1 ohm resistor in series with the capacitor and try the different capacitors again.

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top mount super tweeter

Contact Account Shopping Cart. March in 2 Channel Audio. Don't laugh but has anyone tried these lately?

Tweeter on Top ???

March edited March I use supertweeters every day. March I'm thinking L pads would be the way to go Thanks for the reminder. Off to parts express! The old radio shack ones I think were fostex made and if memory serves me correctly, did not sound bad.

The amazon pic does kind of look like them but I have no idea if the actual driver is the same. That's what I inferred from your earlier post -- same as with subwoofers although the peculiarities of room interactions with the radiator are an even bigger deal with LF due to the wavelengths involved.

As it happens, I have a single, empirical datapoint. He brought them over one day a couple of weeks back and we compared them head-to-head with the Fostex T90A on my FrankenAltecs. The result? Well -- the T90A is more sensitive but the sensitivity of the Pyramid bullet horns was still more than adequate to keep up with the Duplexes.

Soundwise, we both agreed that the T90A sounded better -- but the T90A costs a lot more than the little Pyramids -- and sounded only a little better. So, dollar for dollar, to add some air and sparkle judiciouslythe 'brand X' bullet horns seem to me to be perfectly competent. So -- for completeness These are the Radio Shack The Japanese-made ones are held in the highest regard imagine that by the snobs ; later versions were made in Korea and, ultimately, China.

I think the one pair I have are Korean-made. RamZet Posts: VSAT88 Posts: Yes, I had some too.

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My thinking was you could adjust placement to your liking Tightening of the bass? Just one anecdotal data point, though -- I mean, whadda I know? I dunno Even above the hearing threshold! Fostex L Pad seems the way to go Ordered a fake super tweeter off amazon as my wife has prime. God don't get me started This is the kind of stuff I am trying to stop doing!! I got a set of Cerwin Vega!Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by EunomiansFeb 15, Log in or Sign up.

Messages: 1, Location: SoCal.

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I've got 3 Realistic Super Tweeters - you know, those really cool discontinued stand alone units that folks seem to rave about. I took apart 1 Japanese unit and 1 Korean unit. I noticed that the Japanese tweeter weighs more than the Korean unit.

Overall, the Japanese unit is significantly heavier in one's hand than the Korean unit.

top mount super tweeter

The back of the tweeters are also different looking - the magnet being much larger on the Japanese one. They sound the same. And I should add that they sound excellent! Thus far, I have used them with AR-3a, which are 4 ohm beasts. So I will be adding L-Pads to the itty-bitty Realistics to get their output volume to match the 4 ohm 3a speakers.

I also plan on building a miniature walnut enclosure for the tweeters that will be a mini-replicated vintage walnut AR speaker - complete with AR linen grill cloth. My 3a speakers will love the extra highs extension Now, a question or two. One of the Japanese units is damaged. It has lower output than the 2 other units.

It does not sound distorted, it is just way lower in volume. Are these the tell-tale signs that is is blown or just that the caps need to be replaced? I don't need 3 units, so I'd like to sell the lower output one, but I wouldn't sell it without disclosing what is wrong with it. Better yet, maybe I can fix it prior to selling it. EunomiansFeb 15, EunomiansFeb 16, Messages: 19, Location: Kentucky.

Are we talking about the ones that are the size of a baseball, lotsa metal, sorta like a ray-gun looking things that go to like 40k?? I have two, have never hooked them up. Were given to me. Wasn't sure how to hook them up with other gear. It only has speaker inputs no thru's or outIn Twitter, we tweet to express our feeling or let shout our happiness, similarly through tweeter speaker car stereo expresses its intensity and loudness to the listener.

Basically, both are the medium of expressing expressions. Commonly, tweeter delivers loud and high range of frequency, but when we fail to choose the best tweeter for car stereo, the stereo fails to express its loudness that resulted a lifeless music experience.

A tweeter produces treble sound in the car. The voice coil of the tweeter creates a magnetic field inside the magnetic area when an amplified sound is applied.

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Also, tweeter makes you feel the definition of the music when you are listening to your favorite playlists while driving. The composition of low and midrange makes the sound full to the listeners. It seems that crossover is an unnecessary audio component to create higher quality sound. However, when building or upgrading the car audio system, it plays a pivotal role for the tweeters.

top mount super tweeter

As human hearing varies for specific frequencies, the crossover inside the tweeter can produce better sound for those specific frequencies. However, two types of crossovers are found in every car audio system. One is the active crossover, and another is the passive crossover.

An active crossover is also known as electronic crossover. Instead, it filters amplified signals out to the way to the tweeters. On the other hand, passive crossover filters unwanted frequencies out by sitting between the amp and the speakers. As it is wired, it is easy to install. Moreover, the passive crossover is comparatively budget-friendly to the active crossover.

This 25 millimeters liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeter creates clear and detailed highs with the help of neodymium magnet inside it.

The flush and surface mount swivel cups will facilitate you increasing placement flexibility and soundstage optimization of the tweeter. The pair of tweeters is also available in marine certified version so you can use it in all types of boats.

Along with these fantastic facilities, the Polk db comes in the dimensions of 6. The pioneer TS-S20 is an optimum selection to upgrade the sound system using tweeter. This tune-up tweeter will make your system upgrade completely by producing all the sounds that a normal tweeter fails to produce. You can hear the music in Pioneer TS-S20 the way an artist intended for you. The dome shape tweeter with titanium coated diaphragm will give you more stiffness and longevity in tremendous sound level.

The tweeter has an external top quality passive crossover that facilitates smooth sound transition between the components of speaker. Usually, the speakers have been installed in the door panel and that produce sound far from the ear of the user. By installing an additional tweeter, one can hear the sound much closer than before. This amazing tweeter comes in the dimensions of 3 x 7 x 6 inches. If your stereo calls for component tweeters, pioneer TS T high-quality tweeters and mid-range speakers will be a fantastic option for you.

The light and responsive, hard dome tweeters will provide you a dramatic enhancement in high-frequency response and imaging.Vehicles extended our range of activities and it's true that they are not only tools but friends. Need Tweeter for different vehicles and terrain? We have cheap speaker, discount loudspeaker, pa speaker for sale and more to meet your needs.

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Adding a Super Tweeter - Do's and Don'ts for Audiophiles!

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Order: 20 Pieces. Mylar 1. Show: 10 30 You may also be interested in Bullet Tweeter. Sourcing Guide for Tweeter: Vehicles extended our range of activities and it's true that they are not only tools but friends.

Haven't found what you want? Easy Sourcing Post sourcing requests and get quotations quickly. Product Alert Stay updated to what's new and popular on the market. Not Hi-Fi Hi-Fi Passive Active The DS18 TWC are a pair of lightweight, high efficiency tweeters giving you loud and clear sound, even with your factory radio.

The TWC are mad The DS18 TW2. The titanium, ring-radiator diaphragm c These bad boys deliver so muc These bad boys deliver so These bad boys deliver so mu These bad boys deliver so much Add some color to your installation with these Pro-TW rings.

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Super tweeters

Diaphragm Replacement. Pei Dome.

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Silk Dome. Super Bullet. Size 1". Magnet Ferrite. Ohm 4 SVC. Voice Coil Size 1" VC. Collection Tweeters. Show 24 36 48 View as. View full details. Quick look. Add to cart. Choose options. You recently viewed Clear recently viewed.

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For more information go to P65Warnings.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Tweeter on Top??? Location: Albuquerque, NM. What advantage in sound quality do the tweeter on top models provide over the same size models with tweeters inside? ChuckyBuckDec 25, Location: NYC. George PDec 25, I think it's also become a design hallmark that they use just to set them apart.

Best Tweeters: Add A Fuller Range Of Sound to Your Audio System

John K. Location: Minnesota. Tweeter isn't on top anymore. While they once were, they've been out of business for years. Oh, wait. Yes, the baffleless design of the tweeter in my speakers and the series does result in great imaging. It is a valid way to open up the sound of a loudspeaker. I first ran into it with the Dahlquist DQ in the mid s but before that, folks had been sticking tweeters and super-tweeters on top of speaker boxes for decades.

As thegage also says, you can design a grill and front baffle to mitigate their flaws. But then, I am a stereo salesman. Want to buy it today?

top mount super tweeter

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