How to use a shoring post

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Updated: December 22, Reader-Approved References. If you want to build a pier or a dock, you need good, sturdy pilings or posts to support it.

Jetting is better for sandy soil, while concrete is more stable for muddy beds.

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If you need to install posts in the water for a dock or a pier, measure and cut pilings made of pressure-treated wood. The pilings should be the length you need to support your structure, plus an extra feet that you can bury in the ground. Have some friends help you stand the first piling in the water, then aim the tip of a high-powered hose or a water jetter at the base of the piling and turn on the pump. The force of the water should blast away the sand and mud beneath the wood, creating a hole so you can sink the piling.

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Steel Post Shores

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Together, they cited information from 18 references. Learn more Explore this Article Jetting Out the Water. Pouring Concrete Posts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Choose pilings made of pressure-treated wood. In addition to remaining constantly waterlogged, your pilings will be subjected to tiny organisms that feed on wood, so you need something that will hold up over time. It's also the most cost-effective option.

Often, your local home improvement store will allow you to rent high-powered tools like a water jetter which may also be called a hydro jet for a short amount of time.

By marking them with spray paint, it will be easier to make sure your pilings are all installed at the same depth.The Ellis Steel Shores provide a quick, easy, and safe way to support structures. Available in heights of 6. Found in the Light and Heavy Duty Steel Lifting Shores, this patented design greatly reduces the amount of friction caused when adjustment to the wing nut is made under load and significantly increases its jacking capability.

Unlike the Standard Steel Shore, these with Bearings are built as one complete unit to aid in uplift resistance and do not come apart.

The top plate is attached with a clevis pin and interchangeable with different designed tops see below. Close menu.

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Product See More "Close Cart". Solution See More "Close Cart". Services See More "Close Cart". Tools See More "Close Cart". Shopping Cart. Ellis Steel Shores.

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Heavy Duty Steel Lifting Shore. Select Options. Stealth Lifting Shore Options Available. Stealth Lifting Shore. Product Details. Mini Screw Jack Options Available. Mini Screw Jack. Bridge Jack Options Available. Bridge Jack. Shoring Tripod Options Available. Shoring Tripod. Super Fast Delivery. International Shipping. Technical Support Staff.With decades of shoring experience in a dozen industries, we'll help you find the right solution for any application.

Job site safety is paramount on any construction site. Keep the perimeter secure with Ellis MFG's wide range of fall protection products. Build virtually any size concrete column efficiently and affordably with the Ellis Column Clamps.

Ellis Manufacturing Company has been a leading designer and manufacturer of shoring and formwork products since Based in Oklahoma City, with over half a century of experiance delivering high quality products on time at great prices to customers all over the USA Ellis MFG is ready to fulfill your needs. Close menu. Product See More "Close Cart". Solution See More "Close Cart". Services See More "Close Cart". Tools See More "Close Cart". Shopping Cart.

Top of the line foundation repair and leveling products. Innovative, OSHA compliant fall protection solutions. Fast and accurate column forming solutions.

Ellis MFG Co. Popular Products. Ellis Shoring System.

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Ellis Steel Shores. Parapet Guardrails. Column Clamps. Based in the USA. Founded in Patented Products. Knowledgable Customer Support. Super Fast Delivery. International Shipping. Technical Support Staff.The Ellis Heavy Duty Steel Lifting Shore provides temporary or permanent shoring support in heavy load applications in both commercial and residential structures. Equipped with the Ellis MFG patented Thrust Bearing technology these shores can lift up to 10x more than standard screw jacks.

Offered in various heights ranging from 10" to over 14' and with a safe load rating up to 56, lbs. Use the Ellis Heavy Duty Shore to support up to 56, lbs. Once shore is in place and adjusted to desired height simply tighten set screw on side of nut to lock nut to set shore for permanent support solution.

These shores are also know as jack posts. Tops are Interchangeable with Custom Sizes upon request. Holes as leverage points to make adjustment with 1" Dia. Unlike the standard steel shore, thrust bearing shores are built as one complete unit to aid in uplift resistance and do not come apart.

how to use a shoring post

We have also added the Safety Lock set screw in the side of the nut. When tightened down, the adjustment nut locks in place for permanent or long term shoring applications. Custom base available upon request. Heavy Duty Steel Shores should be used to support straight vertical loads only. We recommend tightening set screw in the side of the 4 hole nut with 6mm allen wrench prior to loading unless lifting.

Do not extend screw past advertised adjustment range. Before construction begins it is recommended that you consult with certified engineer for approval of our products within your application.

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Product See More "Close Cart". Solution See More "Close Cart". Services See More "Close Cart". Tools See More "Close Cart". Shopping Cart. Heavy Duty Steel Lifting Shore. Availability: In Stock. Product Overview.

how to use a shoring post

Related Products. Select Options. Shoring Tripod Options Available. Shoring Tripod. Customer Reviews. Super Fast Delivery. International Shipping.

Technical Support Staff.The Steel Post Shores are primarily used in light construction applications and re-shoring. Click here to learn more! Download PDF. Ideal for long-term ownership, it delivers maximum stripping performance due to its labour-saving quick release pin.

This results in significant savings in the time required to set and strip Post Shores. The outer tube is full length and continuous. With thread cut into the outer tube, you get a higher capacity and longer life expectancy compared to products welded into thinner walled tubes.

This reduces weight and cost.

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A greater concentration of post-shores can be placed into shopping cradles. This is due to the notch on the base plates allowing for more shores to be packed more closely together while maximizing stability.

Read More.

Shoring 101

It was here in Victoria, B. Weatherby Construction "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and performance on our 50 story tower for the Borgata Water Club project in Atlantic City.

how to use a shoring post

Your 70' The installation of Gatineau, QC "We greatly appreciated our first experience with your aluminum overhang brackets. As can be seen in the enclosed Pictures we have first hand experience on this particular job since View All. Steel Post Shores. Bridge Overhang Brackets Learn More. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest industry updates, news from HI-LITE, and more delivered straight to your inbox!

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Paolo M. Collavino Project Manager. Nova Construction Co. Danny White C. Project Manager. Collavino Principal Collavino Group. Knight Contracting Ltd. Wayne R. Knight President. Richard T. Jay A. Gold Project Engineer.Foundation DesignGeneral. Shoring is used to support a structure to prevent a collapse. The most common shoring techniques that we encountered are during the early stage of construction which is an excavation. Shoring is intended to support a deep excavation to prevent the retained soil overturns and eventually cause a project mishap.

Props and Shoring Systems

Depending on the soil type, shoring support is usually provided when we need to support an excavation with at least 1. In construction, shoring is completely different from a retaining wall, as this is used only to retain the soil during the excavation and as far as the structural design is concern; it is not used primarily for the purpose of a retaining wall. As a structural engineer, we should be able to know and decide which type of shoring suited the construction project that we are engaged at the early stage of design.

To help you decide which is which, the author lists down its type and uses to help you narrow down the selection process. The five common types of shoring that we usually encountered in the construction project are:. H or I-Beam Shoring also known as soldier pile walls are the most common type of shoring that we usually encountered in a construction project. It is constructed by driving prefabricated steel I or H sections into the ground. Soil conditions may allow for the sections to be vibrated directly into the ground instead of the pre-drilling of the soil before installing the beam.

The full wall is formed by installing a pre-cast concrete panel between the driven steel beams to construct the shoring walls. H or I-Beam Shoring was used to support an excavation ranging from 1. You can go beyond 5 meters provided that it is properly designed and calculated to sustain the given surcharge load along its outside perimeter.

A guide beam is constructed first prior to installation to keep the alignment in place. This is usually used in deep excavations. Secant Pies are the best choice to use when there is no room for open excavation or when space is limited because of an existing structure that was too close in proximity.

In this case a surcharge loads due to the neighboring structure is considered in the design. Contiguous or Tangent Pile Shoring is composed of closely spaced piles wherein the faces of the piles are almost touching or tangent with each other.

This is used in areas where water is not significant or the water pressure is very minimal.

How to Build Deck Footings with QUIKRETE®

This is usually proposed in clay soils and can use to retain dry granular material or fills. Although water seepage between the gaps of the pile is more likely to occur when used in water-bearing granular soils, it can be prevented by grouting these gaps to form a water-tight retaining wall. This type of shoring is not recommended to use in high ground water table without dewatering works.

Construction of contiguous pile is very similar to that of the secant piles as prior to the installation, a guide beam should be constructed to serve as a guide for the contiguous wall to install in place.

Although it can be used to retain soil to soil excavations, this type of shoring is bests to use when we need to isolate our excavation from the bodies of water specifically a creek, a pond or on a sea-side. It is commonly seen in a port and harbor construction. Similar to soldier piles, it can be constructed by driving prefabricated Z or U steel sections into the ground using a Vibro hammer. The full wall was formed connecting the Z or U steel sections or the sheet piles. Depending on the depth of excavation, the end of the sheet piles if not long enough can be welded together to reach the desired depth in the ground.

When the excavations are too deep for the type of shoring that is above mentioned above, diaphragm walls can be used. It is made of reinforced concrete designed primarily according to loads that needs to be resisted.High load capacity props and shoring systems for the construction of slabs, bridge decks, pier caps, tunnel vaults or any other concrete structure that requires the use of falsework. Includes steel and aluminium propslightweight falsework and heavy duty shoring systems.

A wide range of post shores with different load bearing capacities. Steel shoring systems for the construction of horizontal structures. Steel shoring systems designed for heavy-duty structures. Specifically designed for bridge construction, hydro, industrial and energy construction. Home Formwork Props and Shoring Systems. Props and Shoring Systems High load capacity props and shoring systems for the construction of slabs, bridge decks, pier caps, tunnel vaults or any other concrete structure that requires the use of falsework.

Props A wide range of post shores with different load bearing capacities. Lightweight Shoring Towers Steel shoring systems for the construction of horizontal structures. Heavy Duty Shoring Systems Steel shoring systems designed for heavy-duty structures.

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